Australia & European Union (EU-15)
Greenhouse Gas Emissions per Capita: Comparison

2003 EU-15 Australia
Gross GHG Emissions (CO2 Equivalent mTonnes) 4,180 550
Population (x1,000,000) 380.8 19.8
Per Capita 11.0 27.8
Australia Compared to EU-15   16.8
Road Transport Share 18.9% 13.1%
Road Transport in mTonnes 790 72
Per Capita 2.1 3.6
Australia Compared to EU-15   1.6
Total Road Transport Share of Difference   9.3%
Automobile in mTonnes Not Available 45
Estimated Automobile Share of Difference (Note)   5.8%
Road Transport includes personal transport and commercial (truck) transport. Data not disaggregated in source below that level.
Estimated Automobile Share assumes same automobile:road transport ratio in EU15 as in Australia
Automobiles comprised 62 percent of road transport GHG emissions in 2000 (
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