Neo-Traditional Community Review
Aggressive Environmental Goals

  • Size: 1.145 acres.

  • Planned development: 2,600 units

  • Aggressive environmental goals, such as 40 percent reduction in internal vehicle miles, 65 percent reduction in potable water use and 50 percent reduction in home energy use.

  • Neo-Traditional Rating: 1.71 (Fails to achieve neo-traditional ideals) on a scale of 1 to 5.
Criteria Objective Case Rating
Walkable Community Stores within walking distance (1/4 mile) of all residences. All residences appear to be within 1/4 of stores. 3
Transit Oriented Development Automobile competitive transit service providing service to entire urban area No transit service 1
Housing Prices Mix of housing prices, including low cost housing. Most housing priced above median for the area, but some priced below. 3
Density 7 housing units per acre minimum (12,000 per square mile) Estimated 2.3 units per acre (3,900 per square mile, 32 percent of the 12,000 objective). 1
Impact on Suburbanization Infill -- does not contribute to suburbanization Greenfield --- contributes to suburbanization 1
Balance of jobs and residences Community provides a balance of jobs and residences, reducing the necessity to commute by automobile Plan is to achieve one job for each two residences (approximately 0.2 jobs per person). This is less than the regional balance of people to jobs, but one of the most significant goals of any such community. Employees are not likely to be able to afford to live in the community. 2
Market oriented development No subsidies or tax breaks Infrastructure subsidies received 1
Composite Rating 1.71
Rating System:

5: Substantially Exceeds Objective

4: Exceeds Objective

3: Meets Objective

2: Fails to Meet Objective

1: Substantially Fails to Meet Objective

Nothing in this review is meant to suggest that any neo-traditional development is not a desirable community. Most are well designed and attractive. To the extent that any such development fails to achieve neo-traditional (new urbanist) objectives is more than likely a reflection that the objectives themselves are impractical and largely unachievable in an environment that depends upon consumer choice in a free market.


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