Atlanta Urban Core Densifies
Faster than Smart Growth Portland

2000 US Census data indicates that the urban core of Atlanta is densifying at a faster rate than that of Portland, where the nation's strongest so-called "smart growth" policies seek to intensify urban development. No such policies have been in force in Atlanta.

From 1990 to 2000, the Atlanta core counties of Fulton and DeKalb grew 24.0 percent, with Fulton rising 25.8 percent and DeKalb increasing 21.9 percent. Portland's core Multnomah County grew barely one-half as fast, at 13.1 percent. In 1990, Multnomah County had 38,000 more residents than DeKalb County, while by 2000 DeKalb had built up a 5,000 advantage. Fulton County, which was 55,000 larger than Multnomah County in 1990 is now 156,000 larger.

(22 March 2001)

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