Portland Outer Counties Growth Share
Greater than Atlanta

The outer counties of the Portland area obtained a larger share of metropolitan growth over the last 10 years than the outer counties of the Atlanta area, based upon data released by the US Census Bureau. From 1990 to 2000, Portland's (PMSA) outer counties accounted for 80.9 percent of population growth, compared to core county Multnomah's 19.1 percent. The outer counties of the Atlanta MSA accounted for 75.1 percent of growth, compared to the 24.9 percent share obtained by the core counties of Fulton and DeKalb.

Portland's greater concentration of growth in outer counties is somewhat surprising, since Portland has implemented a strongly interventionist land rationing (so called "smart growth") policy that seeks to densify (intensify) the core and discourage suburban (outer) development.

(23 March 2001)

Factor Atlanta Portland
Metropolitan Population: 1990 2,959,500 1,517,442
Core County(s) Population: 1990 1,194,950 583,887
Share of Metropolitan Population 40.4% 38.5%
Metropolitan Population: 2000 4,112,198 1,918,009
Core County(s) Population: 2000 1,481,871 660,486
Share of Metropolitan Population 36.0% 34.4%
Metropolitan Growth: 1990-2000 1,152,698 400,567
Core County(s) Growth 286,921 76,599
Growth Share 24.9% 19.1%
Outer Counties Growth 865,777 323,968
Growth Share 75.1% 80.9%

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