Urban Policy: Agriculture & Open Space

The Costs of Sprawl Reconsidered: What the Data Really Show (with Joshua Utt)

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USA: Rural Population by State: 2000 (20041111)

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The Cultura in Canada: Domesticated Land: 2001 (Urban & Farm) (20041110)
Net Reduction in Agricultural Land and Urbanization Exceeds Land Area of Texas, Oklahoma and Vermont: 1950-2000 (20041211)
Costs of Sprawl Reconsidered: Response to Victoria Transport Policy Institute (20040810)

Costs of Sprawl Measured in Benefits? (20040810)
David Rusk's City Elasticity Hypothesis: Measuring Happenstance (20000206)
Ceaucescu: Father of Smart Growth (20031220)
Planning is a Tool, Not a Goal (20031220)
Challenge: Public Transport v. Highway Costs (20031114)

Challenge: Transportation Choice (Auto-Competitive Transit) (20031114)
Opiate of the Planners: 13 Myths of Urban Sprawl: Public Purpose #70 (20030816)
Higher Consumer Expenditures Where Densities are Higher (20030508)
Cost of Smart Growth Revisited (20030508)
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Developed Urban Land by State: 1982 to 1997 (010113)
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Metro Denver Open Space is Thriving (010301)

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