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American Dream Conference: Presentation from Debate with Andres Duany

Issue Brief: Smart Growth

Policy Statement on Urban Development

Smart Growth: Delusion not Vision: Cox Closing RAILVOLUTION Debate Statement

Senate Testimony Land Use and Transportation Planning: Text

APA's Growing Smart Home Forfeiture Agenda Heritage Foundation

American Dream Boundaries: Urban Containment and its Consequences

The Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook: Threatening Opportunity

Opiate of the Planners: 13 Myths of Urban Sprawl: Public Purpose #70

Livability: The How-It-Never-Was New Urban Illusion

Places Worth Caring About: Local Democracy in America (20040912)
Policy Point #5: Smart Growth Against Itself (20020801)
Property, Prosperity and Poverty: IEA Current Controversies (20021205)
Blackout 2003 Lesson: Keep the Gas Tank Full: Planetizen Oped (20030820)

Wendell Cox Responds to Planetizen Critics (20020715)
Smart Growth in Maryland: Insider's Game (20020619)
Senate Testimony Land Use and Transportation Planning: Text (20020517)
Senate Testimony Land Use and Transportation Planning: Presentation (20020517)
Environment or Property Rights?: Maryland Gov. Glendening's Smart Growth Program (20020513)
     By Jennine M. L. Morber

Smart Growth: American Dream Boundaries (20020412)
Urban Form & Transport in the US: International Perspective (20011210)
Were Tammany's Critics Anti-New York? The New APTA-Weyrich-Lind Paper (20010806)
Heritage Foundation Supplement on World Watch City Limits by Ron Utt & Wendell Cox (20010704)
Wendell Cox "Urban Sprawl" Address to Denver's Independence Institute (000815)
Sustainability & Transport in Sydney: Lecture Text (010405)

"Portland not Sprawl Free" Atlanta Constitution Oped by Wendell Cox
The Crusade Against Urban Sprawl: Assaulting the American Dream
ULI Smart Growth News Coverage of American Dream Boundaries (20010704)
"A Straitjacket on Growth" Washington Times Oped by Wendell Cox
War on the Suburbs: Misdiagnosis and Flawed Prescriptions (000317)

Smart Growth: Threat to the American Dream: NAREE Presentation (010609)
Densification for Denver: More Traffic, Pollution & Social Inequity (010124)
Atlanta Journal Editorial on American Dream Boundaries (20010704)
Smart Growth: Implications for Pennsylvania (000413)
Keeping Kalamazoo Competitive: Response to Rusk Report

Sierra Club Promotes "Black Hole of Calcutta" Densities, Then Retreats (000621)
Smart Growth v. Individual Ownership: End of the American Dream? (010520)
Planning for Yesterday: Transport & Land Use Planning in the Twin Cities (010410)
Pro-Choice with Respect to Urban Development
Wendell Cox PLANETIZEN Oped: The Argument Against Smart Growth (010301)

So-Called Smart Growth Loses Big in La Salle County, Illinois (010403)
The Sky's Not Falling Yet: Land Use Planning in LaSalle Co., IL (010330)
Wendell Cox in LaSalle County: "Smart Growth Dumb Idea: Urban Expert Says" (010403)
O'Toole & Cox on Seminar Tour New Zealand, Australia (010319)
Hysteria and the Push for County Zoning in LaSalle Co., IL (010330)

Chicago Sun-Times Letter to the Editor on Smart Growth Article (010610)
So-Called "Smart Growth" No Answer to Los Angeles Traffic
David Rusk's City Elasticity Hypothesis: Measuring Happenstance (000206)
Issue Brief: Smart Growth (010107)
Wendell Cox Responds to PLANETIZEN Oped Criticims (010301)

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