Housing Affordability and Urban Planning
in Australia: Links


High density a failure: report: Sydney Morning Herald


Getting Performance Urban Planning in Place |by Hugh Pavletich| (20080321)
High Density Residential Buildings More GHG Intensive
Sydney's Urban Consolidation Experience: Power, Politics and Community
Sydney & Dallas-Fort Worth: Starter House Cost Comparison
Myth of Smaller Households Demanding Smaller Houses


Ram, Cram, and Jam Brigade: An Anti-Smart Growth Video
"The Need for Clarity" Hugh Pavletich Communication with Housing Industry Association

Australia Joint Housing & Development Industries Statement: Land Release, Fees, Process the Problem
Dreams into nightmares: the housing affordability time bomb
Destroying the Great Australian Dream: Letter to the Sydney Morning Herald
Smart growth and urban consolidation: The health costs
Workers Flee Sydney's Unaffordable Housing

Inclusionary Zoning not the Answer for Affordable Housing (Canberra City News)
Juvenile Urbanization Consumes Farmland Hoax
Destroying the Great Australian Dream in Perth
Forced into Home Ownership?
Housing Affordability in Sydney: The Issue is the Future, Not Urban Planning


How Planning is Destroying Housing Affordability: International Library

Demographia: Affiliated with The Public Purpose, Twice A National Journal Top Internet Site
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