How Planning is Ruining Housing Affordability:
International Library


Housing Policy Matters (Shlomo Angel)
Don't Call it Sprawl: Metropolitan Structure in the 21st Century (William T. Bogart)
Sprawl: A Compact History (Robert Bruegmann)
War on the Dream: How Anti-Sprawl Policy Threatens the Quality of Life (Wendell Cox)
Cities and Civilization (Peter Hall)

Let's Build: Why We Need 5 Million New Homes in the Next Ten Years (James Heartfield)
The Death and Life of Great American Cities (Jane Jacobs)
The City: A Global History (Joel Kotkin)
The Tragedy of Planning: Losing the Great Australian Dream (Alan Moran)
Cities without Cities (Thomas Sieverts)


Getting Performance Urban Planning in Place |by Hugh Pavletich| (20080321)
Back to Basics: A Pro-Growth Public Investment Strategy: By Joel Kotkin
Social Action and Urban Sprawl: By Jan C. Bruekner & Ann G. Largey
Government Land-Use Interventions: An Economic Analysis: By Jan C. Bruekner
State of the World Population: 2007 (United Nations)

High Density Residential Buildings More GHG Intensive
Myth of Smaller Households Demanding Smaller Houses (Monash University)
Research Shows Community and "Sprawl" Positively Related
Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Detached & Multi-Unit Residential: Summary
Energy and greenhouse Gas Emissions: Detached & Multi-Unit Residential: Full Study
Debunking Portland by Randal O'Toole - Cato Institute (--or What the Missionaries Don't Tell You)


Paul Krugman: That Hissing Sound
Thomas Sowell: Subprime Pols
Thomas Sowell on Housing & Political Solutions

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