Housing Affordability and Urban Planning
in Canada: Links


CTV on the Demographia Study (with David Seymour, Frontier Centre)


Transport et logement à Montréal - Comment le développement de la banlieue rend la métropole plus compétitive (Montreal Economic Institute)
Housing and Transportation in Montreal - How suburbanization is improving the region's competitiveness (Montreal Economic Institute)
Myths about Smart Growth and the Toronto bluebelt (Fraser Institute)


Suburbs still the choice in Canada
Montreal's Expansion Strategy will Keep it Competitive - National Post Oped (Cox)
Transit: Little GHG Reduction Potential - National Post Oped (Cox)
Public Transit - Globe and Mail Oped (Cox)
Transit Times Prove Transit a Non-Starter - National Post Oped (Cox)


How Planning is Destroying Housing Affordability: International Library

Demographia: Affiliated with The Public Purpose, Twice A National Journal Top Internet Site
Demographia is "pro-choice" with respect to urban development.
People should have the freedom to live and work where and how they like.
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