Housing Affordability and Urban Planning
in New Zealand: Links

Land Restrictions Drive up Prices in Auckland: NZ Government Report


Television New Zealand Interview: Hugh Pavletich on Housing Affordability
Auckland Housing Report Must be Acted Upon (Press Release)
Housing Affordability Inquiry Terms of Reference Released
New Zealand Business Roundtable: "Smart Growth" Cause of Housing Affordability Loss, Forces Rents Up
Waitakere Mayor Pushes Auckland Regional Council to Release Land, Improve Affordability
Manukau Mayor Calls for Loosening of Auckland Area Land Restrictions to Avoid Social & Economic Crisis
National Party Showing Leadership over Housing
NZ Planning Institute Supports Demographia Call for More Housing


Getting Performance Urban Planning in Place |by Hugh Pavletich| (20080321)
Stop Playing Games: Demographia Letter to New Zealand Housing Minister (20071210)
Land Restrictions Drive up Prices in Auckland: NZ Government Report
Demographia Submission to the NZ Housing Affordability Parliamentary Inquiry
New Zealand Housing Affordability Overview-2007/11:Hugh Pavletich
Parliamentary Housing Affordability Inquiry Terms of Reference


An Open Letter to Alan Bollard (NZ Reserve Bank Governor) re Household Savings
Supply In Addressing Housing Affordability Issue: Letter from Housing Minister Chris Carter
Hugh Pavletich Letter to New Zealand Planning Institute
"The Need for Clarity" Hugh Pavletich Communication with Housing Industry Association of Australia


How Planning is Destroying Housing Affordability: International Library

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